Fancy a pint? #1

DSC00057I know this blog is currently displaying a worrying tendency toward things alcoholic, but…

Earlier this week I bought half a dozen different bottles from Marks and Spencer’s range of British beers.

I poured one tonight, and thought: Why not a beer odyssey, travelling the UK county by county and pint by pint?

So here’s the first step and sip on that journey.

County: Cornwall.

What is it called? Cornish Ale.

Who made it? St Austell’s Brewery.

What is it? It’s a bottle conditioned ale using locally grown Cornish gold malt. A special kilning process develops a deep bronze colour.

Brewer says: “Sweet, lightly nutty malt balanced with zesty orange and spicy aromas from the hops.”

I say: Citrusy and grapefruit tastes,  but with a (not unpleasant) slightly metallic aftertang.

Food combination: According to M&S, it should go very nicely with a cottage pie or fisherman’s pie.


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