Little old wine-drinking me

AFTER this morning’s 800 metres of front crawl (19 minutes 40 seconds since you ask) the changing room conversation turned, as regrettably it so often does when retired blokes gather, to the question of drink.

I said that last night I sampled a bottle of Sicilian white wine made from a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Grillo grapes. It wasn’t a blend I had heard of before.

Andrew, who isn’t retired and runs two wine shops in Swansea, said he hadn’t  heard of it either, but rattled off a list of other blends that were popular with his customers.

“I’ve just had a mad idea,” I said. “My next retirement project will be to drink one bottle of wine made from every available wine-producing grape.”

“There are about 650 of them,” Andrew said.

“That should take you until about Christmas,” said Eric.


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