Fancy A Pint? #3

IMGP4564THE retirement project: to sample a pint of beer or cider brewed in each county in Great Britain.

This is one of my regular pints.

County: Bedfordshire.

What is it called? Bombardier.

Who made it? Wells & Young’s Brewing Co Ltd.

What is it? It is a premium beer made from English Fuggles hops and crushed Crystal malt.

ALC VOL: 4.7%

By the way: It is probably one of Britain’s wider-known beers, thanks to an extensive television advertising campaign featuring the bombastic Bombardier “Bang On!” Bedford. The character was played by the comedian Rik Mayall for three years, until his death in June 2014.

The role has now been taken over by Bob Mortimer, who made his debut in an advert screened on St George’s Day (which happens also to be our wedding anniversary, which makes it ok for this Welshman to like such an ‘English’ beer).

Brewer says: “Peppery aromas give way to perfect balance of malty richness, tangy hops and sultana fruit.”

I say: “‘Sultana fruit’ is a bit beyond my palate’s more modest limitations, but I enjoy Bombardier’s rich colour and taste.”

Food combination: Brewer doesn’t suggest anything, so suit yourself (or just enjoy with a bowlful of crisps or peanuts).


3 thoughts on “Fancy A Pint? #3

    1. Clearly I’d sampled not wisely but too well, and got a bit fuddled 🙂 Bought a couple of interesting beers in Gloucester Services farmshop this afternoon – Haymaker (by Hook Norton brewery), and Barnsey (by Bath Ales).


      1. I’m had beer from the brewers, it gets her on the slow boat to NZ eventually, not sure about these specific ones. Had a glorious pint of Badger Golden last night. I say glorious, it’s a relative thing compared to the Euro-lager alternates.


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