Hanging baskets disaster! Help!

DISASTER has struck the Feeney garden. Well, the  Feeney path around the side of the house, to be precise.

Every year, the current Mrs Feeney takes proud possession of a small florist shop’s worth of hanging baskets from Swansea Council.

She cares for them and tends to their every need. She waters them. She feeds them. And they repay her with glorious floral displays that last until October.

Where have all the flowers gone?
Where have all the flowers gone?

Until this year. All her pretty flowers have disappeared. Leaving a very bemused and slightly distraught Mrs F with a collection of greenery.

Pretending that nothing-but-green is THE look for gardens this year will only get you so far. It is time to seek answers.

What has gone wrong? Mrs F suspects that she has killed all the flowers by overfeeding the baskets on fertiliser that was not sufficiently diluted.

Is she right?


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