Fancy A Pint? #5

THE retirement project: to sample a pint of beer or cider brewed in each county in Great Britain.

This is from Marks and Spencer’s range of British beers.

IMGP4808County: Staffordshire.

What is it called? Staffordshire IPA.

Who made it? Marston’s Brewery, Burton-on-Trent.

What is it? A classic India Pale Ale.

ALC VOL: 5.5%

It says on the label: “Smooth, full-bodied with punchy hop flavours and racy, citrusy fruit. A carefully selected blend of hops gives this ale bitterness but with lovely citrus notes.”

I say: I got the “punchy”, but “racy” surely owes more to the blurb writer’s imagination than the brewer’s art. I am learning from very pleasant experience that hops guarantee the citrus fruit flavours on ales and lighter beers, so their presence here was no surprise. The bitterness did make this beer more rounded than some fruitier examples. According to the label, this bitterness owes much to the “idiosyncratric” mineral content of Burton’s water supply; somebody tell the blurb writer to lay off the hard stuff for a while, please.

Food combination: “A natural partner for spicy foods.” I drank it with tortilla chips – close enough, I reckon.

Fancy another? Oh go on, just one more then.


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