The Garden Project #4

IMGP4854THE tree surgeons have finished their work on dad’s garden. Two decades of brambles and matted undergrowth have been torn up. Think of it as the scorched earth approach to gardening.

IMGP4849The two hedgerows that run alongside and behind the house have been lowered and thinned. The lady who lives next door came out to have a look.

“You’ve cut it back a lot,” she said.

“Yes,” I said: “the tree surgeons say that will make the hedges grow back thicker. But there’s big hole in one hedge.”

“Oh, that will be where the burning car came through the hedge,” she said.

“Oh. Really? When was that?”

“About fifteen years ago. When the kids were doing things like that.”

Right. Kids, eh? Little rascals.

IMGP4860We have made a start on scraping the ivy off the garage walls and roof: so far, so good; the garage is still standing.

Logs are piled where the cherry tree and the copper beech once stood. Our son’s sycamore tree has been severely pollarded in a treetop chainsaw massacre.


After three days of action, The Current Mrs Feeney and I stood back and surveyed the scene.

“It’s very bare,” said Mrs F.

“But it will grow back thicker and stronger,” I said. “Hopefully.”

We looked at one another across the expanse that had once been shrubbery. Two minds united in one thought: things will look better in the morning.

When the stump grinder arrives.


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