Stone me!

I DIDN’T make it to the swimming pool this morning. The Daughter Who Left Home (But Returned) had a gym session at 6.30, which left her with just enough time to have a quick shower (see, you can do it!) but not enough time to drive and park before she was due on the phones at 8.30, so… dad’s taxi was pressed into service.

When I got back, Arthur the Handy Gardener was just pulling up next door. He was delivering a garden bench. I was giving him a helping hand up the steps when The Current Mrs Feeney called that she wanted to have a chat with him about The Garden Project at my parents’  house.

Turned out that she had decided she wanted to build a stone wall in front of a small bank at the top of dad’s garden, and did A the HG know of any old stone knocking about?

A didn’t, but he had noticed the house two doors down was having work done and there was a promising-looking skip outside. A and I launched a small raiding part on the skip, but were about to come away empty-handed when the man working on the house told us there were some old paving stones stacked around the back. A and I loaded them onto A’s trailer and took them to dad’s house.

While we were there, A and I had a quick look around the garden.

“It’s very open now,” said A. I didn’t need to be told this. Mrs F and I have been aware of little else since the tree surgeons completed Operation Slasher. So we have decided now to erect fencing in front of the rear hedge as well as the length of the garden between dad’s house and the property next door.

We went to the fencing company to choose what sort of fence. Meanwhile, the plumber sent Mrs F a text to say he’d had a job cancelled, so he’d be at dad’s tomorrow bright and early to install the new boiler.

Did I mention the new boiler? Well, we’re having one. It’s not to be confused with the old chimney stack, which we’re having pulled down.

My, don’t we have fun. So by this evening I was more than ready to resume The Wine List project with a brimming glass of Puglian red wine. Cheers everyone!

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