I read the news today; oh boy.

YESTERDAY I decided I wouldn’t time my morning swim. Today I took that strategy one step further; I didn’t swim.

My excuse was that The Daughter Who Left (But Returned) had another of her 6.30 gym sessions, so dad’s taxi was back on the road giving her a lift to work.

After dropping her at the office, I stopped to buy the papers at a petrol filling station. The front pages were dominated by a story about a reporter who was shot dead by a former colleague on live tv: “Terrible,” said the woman behind the counter. We talked briefly about what had happened. I said the radio was reporting that the killer had been sent for anger management by his employer.

“So he needed help,” said the woman. “But you can’t do shit like that.”

Except that shit like this seems to happen with depressing regularity. I’m not the only person in the UK who is baffled by the apparent reluctance in the United States to introduce gun ownership laws.

Down the drain

I got home to sunshine. It’s been a rare sight this summer. So much so that the two water butts on our deck are full to overflowing. What to do? Usually, I use what’s been stored to water the garden plants. With the plants practically rotting in the saturated ground this summer, that’s not an option.

In the end I drained 80 litres from each butt, and poured it down the drain. It felt like a waste, so if anybody has a better idea let me know, because I have a feeling the weather isn’t going to get any better soon.

I read more of The Trigger, Tim Butcher’s book about Gavrilo Princip, this afternoon. It’s part history, part travelogue and part war journalism memoir. Butcher, who is following the journey that led Princip to his date with destiny in June 1914, has reached Sarajevo; on the way, he has something interesting to say about the way Muslim experiences in the Bosnian War in the ’90s played a role in the evolution of jihad now.

Continuing the book theme, I’m also re-reading Pago Pago Tango, by John Enright, for the American Samoa stop on my Kindle World Tour of Crime Fiction. I’ve just discovered that ‘poke’ is a Samoan dish of raw fish and seaweed, hot sauce and sesame oil.

I’m not sure what I’d recommend on The Wine List to wash that down. Cheers everyone!

2 thoughts on “I read the news today; oh boy.

  1. With regard to your comment about not swimming and how to usefully employ two butts full of water, I am surprised you didn’t combine the two thoughts. Why not buy a much bigger water container? 10m x 5m with 1.5m depth, I suggest. Problems solved! And when we do experience a drought, drain the pool to water the garden! Simples!!


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