Fancy A Pint? #8

Sampling a pint of beer or cider brewed or fermented in each county in the United Kingdom.

I AM on mopping-up duties here. The Current Mrs Feeney opened this but disliked it because it was too dry for her taste. It is no easy task creating a cider that is too dry for Mrs F, but there you are.

IMGP4996County Gloucestershire

What it is called? Severn Cider

Who made it? The Old Vicarage, Awre, Newnham

What is it? A whole juice dry sparkling cider

ALC Vol 5.8%

By the way: Newnham isn’t too far from our old home in Chaxhill, where we lived when I was editor of The Citizen newspaper in Gloucester. We lived in a beautiful converted barn. The Current Mrs Feeney really loved that house. We left it in 2002 when I was appointed editor of a newspaper in Swansea. I’m not sure Mrs F has quite forgiven me yet. The label on this bottle is a specially commissioned woodcut by Steve Hyslop, representing May Hill, a landmark I remember well from our days living down by the Severn.

What it says on the label: “award winning (which award? We’d like to know) …a careful blend of traditional cider fruit, selected from local orchards to give our cider roundness and depth of flavours.” We are told that the family (again, more information please) have made cider for three generations and “have a passion for preserving quality and tradition.”

First taste: Oh my. This is cider but not as I know it. Don’t laugh, but the first thing to comes to mind is lapsang souchong tea’s smoked wood flavours. By the time I’ve finished the glass, I’m comparing the dryness to aperitifs like Cinzano. What is going on here?

Food combination: None suggested on the label. Probably just as well when I’m in this frame of mind.

Fancy another? Let me think about it.

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