The Wine List #6

Sampling the grapes of the world, in a glass.

Sauvignon Blanc

Coolwater Bay Marlborough 2014 New Zealand. 12.5% Alc Vol, Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference range.

IMGP4997I AM a great fan of New Zealand SB. I appreciate that, in wine imbibing terms, that is the equivalent of liking Labrador puppies or hot buttered toast. It’s not an exclusive club.

This example is produced by Yealands Estate, a carbon neutral winery situated in the Awatere Valley. It is described on the label as elegant with delicate aromas of fresh herbs, citrus and stone fruits, and zesty (ah there’s that word again) flavours of lemon and lime combined with a distinctive mineral note and a fresh finish.

We drank half the bottle with Friday’s dinner of coquilles st jacques followed by teriyaki chicken. We finished the bottle with a Saturday takeaway of chicken chowmein and fried beef in black bean sauce. It worked really well with both meals.

One for the wine rack? Yes. It’s proof that wine snobs are wrong to dismiss supermarket own label wines.


4 thoughts on “The Wine List #6

  1. I love your project and I hope you can enjoy the beauty of wine making ! Please do not forget about the beautiful wines in Hungary and their unique grapes, I write a blog about mostly the wines here in Hungary and I do it in English so the world gets more attention for this lovely wine country. I hope you have time to have a read ! 🙂


  2. Hi Michael. I will follow your blog, and make sure I discover some Hungarian wines. I have fond memories of Bull’s Blood from the 1970/80s. People may be a bit sniffy about it now, but I loved it.


  3. Marlborough Sauvignon Blancs are in general a relatively safe bet when trying a supermarket brand. They are light, citrusy, and a good pairing for fish. I haven’t seen this label before, so it’s nice to know it’s drinkable. Thank you for the tip.


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