The Wine List #7

Sampling the grapes of the world, in a glass


2013 Louis De Camponac, Pays D’Oc, France. 13% Alc Vol.

Hugh Johnson says: “The grape behind the great fragrant wines of Pomerol.” I’m not sure my pension runs to Pomerol prices, so this supermarket Pays D’Oc will have to stand in as the French entry, with a glance over my shoulder to HJ’s cautionary words that this grape is “perhaps too adaptable for its own good; can be very dull.”

A view that Arthur the Handy Gardener would not agree with. Readers of The Garden Project on this blog will be familiar with A the HG. The project to renovate, re-plant and re-create my father’s long-neglected garden would not be happening without the vision of The Current Mrs Feeney and the enthusiasm of A.

Anyway, the point here is that A is a big fan of Merlot. And, while Mrs F is not a great red wine fan, this one got her vote of approval too.

What is says on the label: “Glorious flavours of sun-ripened plums and summer fruits, vibrant and elegant with a touch of spice.”  Food suggestions: barbecued lamb and pepper kebabs, or rich beef and ale pie.

First taste: With cold roast lamb and bubble & squeak. Very gentle and pleasant, if a little unremarkable. Decent midweek choice. Perhaps it will taste fuller when we finish the bottle tomorrow.

One for the wine rack? I’ll save up and try the Pomerol one day.

POST SCRIPT: Tonight we finished the bottle with a dish of garlic chicken, jacket potato and salad. Not meant to drink Merlot with chicken? Who cares! It was very nice indeed. The wine tasted a little richer, as anticipated, 24 hours after opening the bottle. I’d say definitely a solid three-star wine.


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