Fancy A Pint? #9

THE retirement project to sample a pint of beer or cider brewed or fermented in each county in the United Kingdom.

WE’RE still on the cider; evidence of the sunny September days we’ve been enjoying. This cider was drunk and much enjoyed by The Current Mrs Feeney and me in our hot tub at the end of a long day’s weeding and hedge clearing as part of The Garden Project.

IMGP4980County: Suffolk

What is it called? Premier Cru Cyder

Who made it? Aspalls, The Cyder House, Aspall, Stowmarket.

ALC VOL: 7%.

What it says on the label: “The first cyder (correct) produced by Barry and Henry Chevallier Guild when they joined the business – seven years in creation and still their favourite drink. Full dry with a sophisticated and elegant floral aroma that captures the essence of an orchard”

I say: This stirred the old sub-editor tendencies still lurking in this retired bloke. Who are the aforementioned Barry and Henry? What business, and when exactly did they join it? Some very rudimentary research reveals all: Aspalls was launched by Clement Chevallier in 1728. Barry and Henry are the latest in the line of Clement’s descendants. Barry is the current chairman, as well as president of the splendidly-named European Vinegar Federation (not to be confused with the European Commission…) while Henry works with the development team to create new products.

Food suggestions: “Delicious with roast pork garlic and sage, chilli con carne, rogan josh, Red Leicester and White Stilton.” Quite the banquet. Scandalously, we drank it with nothing more exotic than potato crisps. We thought it was quite light, not overly dry, with strong apple juice flavours; which pretty much matches what it says on the label.

Fancy another? Yes. This is one of Mrs F’s favourite summer drinks, and who is a humble retired bloke to argue?


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