Fancy A Pint? #11

The retirement project to sample a pint of beer or cider brewed or fermented in each county of the United Kingdom.

IMGP5048County: County Durham.

What’s it called? Strongarm

Who made it? Camerons Brewery Ltd, Lion Brewery, Hartlepool.

What is it? A ruby red ale.

Alc Vol: 4.3%

What it says on the label: “the brewery’s flagship ale … first brewed in 1955 … with a distinctive, tight creamy head … an initial sweet surge of flavour followed by a delicious malty taste”.

Food combination: “Works perfectly with red meat dishes. Best enjoyed with or as an ingredient in pies, casseroles or hearty stews.”

Retired Bloke says: I drank this at the back-end of a September mini-heatwave, so it wasn’t the time for hearty stews; anyway, it has such a lovely colour and taste that it seems a shame to put it in a pie.

Fancy another? Yes please.

It’s not about the beer: Supporters of local football club Hartlepool United are called ‘monkey hangers’; this is based on the legend that during the Napoleonic wars a monkey was hanged as a French spy. Supposedly, the monkey, a mascot dressed in a French soldier’s costume, was the sole survivor of a shipwreck. The Hartlepudlians thought this is what Frenchmen must look like, and hanged it. (The legend is unlikely to be true….)

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