Visit To Puglia: Day 5 – Vieste



AFTER all the travelling of the previous days, we spent all of today relaxing in October sunshine in this small resort town.


2 thoughts on “Visit To Puglia: Day 5 – Vieste

  1. Hi, thank you for passing by my blog 😉 I would have a question, not sure whether you travelled in north italy too, have you notice differences? I’m from South italy, when I describe italy to someone, I point out what is South and what is north. Two different countries in my opinion, in landscape, architecture, lifesyle, values, habbits, food, people…Is it something clear to a tourist too? Thank you!


  2. Hello from Swansea! From our limited experience, my wife and I would say Italy is several countries in one. For example, Venice is unlike anywhere else. We first visited the city in a wet February 15 years ago. The city was almost empty of tourists, and we could wander where we liked, discovering churches, palaces and cafe/bars. Since then we have visited Rome, Florence, Sienna and Assisi. Each different, all fascinating. On our visit to Puglia, we met a British woman who has moved to live on a small village in the Dolomites, and that sounded idyllic. Yes, there is an obvious difference between the north and south, but Italy seems much more complex than just that. We are looking forward to many more visits to different parts of the country.


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