Fancy A Pint? #12

THE retirement project to sample a pint of beer or cider brewed or fermented in each county in the UK.

IMGP5670County: Sussex

What’s it called? Sussex Golden Ale

Who made it? Hepworth Brewery, Horsham.

What is it? ‘A classic golden ale in a traditional style from this region.’

Alc Vol: 3.8%

What it says on the label: “Best served cool not cold to appreciate all the flavours. Brewed with Sussex grown barley and hops.”

Food combination: “A perfect match for bangers and mash, pie and chips, or light barbecue dishes.”

Retired Bloke says: Another from Marks & Spencer’s range of British beers. Just what was required after a week of pasta and wine in Italy; a proper pint with proper food-for-beer recommendations. I drank it with sausages and mashed potato. It had a nice sharpness to balance the fruity hop tastes.

Fancy another? Yes. Easy to drink. I’ll just get a second helping of grub while you pour.

It’s not about the beer: Horsham holds the record for the heaviest hailstone ever to fall, on September 5, 1958. It weighed 140 kg (4.9 oz), and measured about the size of a tennis ball. Impact speed was calculated at 100 m/s (224 mph).


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