I give in. Book me.

IMGP5772THIS arrived through my letterbox this morning, courtesy of Amazon (which a bookseller of my acquaintance once described as The Death Star) and Robin Summers Books in Suffolk. It is the Algerian stop on my journey around the world’s crime fiction.

The astute among you will now be thinking: “Wait a minute. Didn’t this Retired Bloke say this was going to be a digital odyssey? E books on his Kindle, he said. This looks suspiciously like one of those old-fashioned print on paper efforts. What’s going on?”

Hands up. Fair cop. I’ll come quietly. Fact is, I couldn’t find any crime novel set in Algeria that has been released as an ebook. In my efforts to find one, I kept coming across glowing reviews for the books of Yasmina Khadra. So I gave in and bought one.

You may call this a U-turn. I prefer to think of it as a policy realignment. Perhaps there’s a future for me in politics?

Anyway, I shall have to rename My Kindle World Tour Of Crime Fiction project. I’m going to call it World Crime Fiction. It will have the added bonus of saving significant wear and tear on Retired Bloke fingers (the two that he uses to type with).



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