Goodbye (Indian) Summer

A MORNING spent wrapping potted plants in bubble wrap, and generally preparing the garden for the onset of winter. Not that it felt in any way imminent. I was working in t-shirt and shorts as the mercury in the outdoor thermometer headed over the 20C mark.

“Hm, an Indian Summer,” I thought. And then I thought: “What exactly IS an Indian Summer, and how do I recognise one when I see it?”

So I did a little rooting around on the web in search of the definitive answer. I didn’t find one (unsurprisingly, perhaps, when it’s about the weather). The closest I got was the US National Weather Service definition of sunny and clear weather with above normal temperatures from late September to mid November.

We’ve certainly had more than our usual amount of sunshine in this part of Wales this autumn. November temperatures are normally around 10C, so we’re ticking that box too.

But that mid-November qualification may prove a challenge too far; I’ve just watched the weather forecast for next week, and after tomorrow it’s rain all the way to the horizon.

Oh well, it was good while it lasted. Pass me the bubble wrap.

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