Nazis, Commies and Women

I’VE just spent an afternoon with Nazi spies and dominant women. In the name of lifelong learning.

I first thought about joining the University of the Third Age (U3A) soon after I retired. I went to a Film Studies group meeting, surveyed the sea of blue rinses, and retreated.

Two years later I was back. The battle of the sexes is still totally one-sided (there were 17 ladies and three retired blokes at today’s meeting) but I’m coping manfully (my sincere apologies for the pun).

The film group topic for this term is Hitchcock. Today we were looking at Notorious and Rear Window. Two films dealing with American social paranoia. In the first film, it was the threat of Nazi spies lurking in immediate post-war south America. By the time Rear Window was made, there were Reds apparently under every wholesome American bed.

And the dominant women? All the fault of Hitchcock’s mother, who used to lock little Alfred in the broom cupboard when he was being naughty, leaving the adult Hitch with a fascination with shadows and noises, not to mention some pronounced mental tics about the female of the species.

I’m not sure he would have coped very well in a U3A meeting. Those blue rinses can take on a distinctly sinister appearance in the right lighting.


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