A wine that works well with Chinese dishes

The Wine List: the retirement project to sample the product of every major grape variety listed in Hugh Johnson’s pocket wine book.


Tim Adams Clare Valley 2013, Australia.

Alc Vol: 11.5%

HJ says: “lime cordial and toast fruit in South Australia.”

What it says on the label: “The wine shows richness and elegance without obvious sweetness. It has citrus and floral aromas and flavours with a cleansing natural acidity on the palate.”

Food combination: “The blend of the vineyards selected for this wine has produced a Riesling with … immediate food compatibility”

Retired Bloke verdict: This was the second southern hemisphere Riesling we tried for this project. The other was from South Africa. We slightly preferred this version. We drank it with a mixture of Chinese dishes: chicken and beansprouts, pork with black bean sauce, chicken chow mein. It worked very well with all of them – even the spare ribs with barbecue sauce.

One for the wine rack? Yes.

It’s not about the wine: South Australia’s colonial origins are unique in Australia as a freely settled, planned British province, rather than a convict settlement.



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