Nice plants; send them back

YOU know that nagging feeling that something isn’t quite right?

Today we took delivery of 70 plants for The Garden Project. The Current Mrs Feeney had ordered a package of prickly bushes to infill gaps in the one remaining hedge that has not been fenced off.

They all arrived tightly packed on a pallet. The man driving the courier company van cut them loose and I helped him carry 70 pots to the back of the house.

After he had left, TCMrsF and I neatly arranged the plants in rows at the foot of the garden’s retaining walls, to shelter them from the increasingly wintry winds until we have the chance to dig 70 holes to plant them in the hedge.

Mrs F was surprised that some of them weren’t the evergreens she had been expecting. Back home, she checked the delivery note against her original order. The courier had delivered the wrong pallet. A quick phone call confirmed it.

They’ve all got to go back. I believe this is called Murphy’s Law. I can think of another equally pithy phrase.


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