A nine-hop pint from Kent

Fancy A Pint? The retirement project to sample a pint of beer or cider brewed or fermented in each county in the UK. #18

County: Kent

IMGP5832What’s it called? 9 Hop.

Who made it? Westerham Brewery, Crockham Hill. The brewery was established in 2004, and prides itself on having revived many of the flavours of the splendidly-named Black Eagle Brewery, which closed in 1965. Website:westerhambrewery.co.uk

What is it? A pale ale. It is brewed using nine different types of Kent bred and grown hops; Target, Goldings, Pilgrim, Sovereign, Progress, First Gold, WGV, Bramling Cross and Finchcocks’ Spirit of Kent.

Alc Vol: 4%

What it says on the label: “A huge charge of hoppy, citrus, lemony aromas balanced by a malty smooth finish.”

Food combination: “stands up well to spicy curries and is also great with smoked fish and fish and chips.”

Retired Bloke verdict: With nine hops in the brewing, it could not help but be hoppy and citrussy. I’d describe the finish as ‘lovely and dry’ rather than malty.

Fancy another? Yes. Excellent pint.

It’s not about the beer: Canterbury Cathedral in Kent has been the seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury, leader of the Church of England, since the conversion of England to Christianity by Saint Augustine in the sixth century.


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