A time for planting

IMGP5826THE back yard of The Aged Parents’ house is providing a fairly good impression of a garden centre at the moment. There are more than 100 pot plants in it.

They include various types of holly, as well as berberis, hawthorn and pyracantha. The one thing they have in common, as I have already discovered, is they are very, very prickly.

IMGP5817They are waiting for the next stage of The Garden Project. Tomorrow we start digging holes in the last remaining unfenced hedge, and planting them.

They will fill in any gaps in the hedge and (hopefully) in time provide a vibrant mixture of brightly coloured berries and flowers.

That’s the long-term objective. For now, it’s time to get out the spades and trowels; and to order in extra supplies of embrocation for Retired Bloke’s back.



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