Same old same old Star Wars

GOING to the cinema in the afternoon when other people are working is one of the simple pleasures of retirement.

This year I’m going to attempt to keep a log of what I’ve seen. So when in December somebody asks me what was my favourite film of the year, I’ll hopefully be able to respond with something more specific than “oh, that one I saw in March, or was it April? You know, the one with Eddie Redmayne in it; or was it Benedict Cumberbatch in that one?”

Today, The Current Mrs Feeney took me to see The Force Awakens, the latest episode in the Star Wars franchise.

I’ve never liked Star Wars much. Maybe I was too old when the first film was released. I remember sitting in the cinema and wondering why I was watching a children’s Saturday Morning Club movie on a Monday night. The Current Mrs F on the other hand is a confirmed fan.

Today has not changed my mind. The special effects are much better than the earlier films (only to be expected), but the characters and plot are still simplistic, and the dialogue is no better than when Harrison Ford told Star Wars creator George Lucas: “George, you can type this s**t but you can’t say it.”

Mrs F was disappointed. The film’s director J J Abrams has been congratulated for restoring the feel of the very first episodes; but Mrs F admitted that it felt like “the same old same old.”

Ah well, we’re off the see The Danish Girl next. You know, the one with Eddie Redmayne in it.

Retired Bloke Rating OK **


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