“Is it upside down?”

A NEW Year and a new retirement project (“What, another one?” said The Current Mrs Feeney.)

I went to the first class of the Drawing and Painting course yesterday. It is run by Swansea Council’s lifelong learning department. £50 for ten two-hour classes is good value in this Retired Bloke’s opinion.

There were a dozen of us under the benign instruction of Tim The Tutor, who is forty-ish, fair brown hair turning grey, shoulder-length ringlets tied back, grey hoodie, blue skinny jeans, desert boots. Arty type. Obviously.

Most of my fellow pupils were white-haired ladies of mature years, but there was one couple present younger than me (“Face out of joint, Spence?” asked TCMrsF. Puzzlingly.)

Tim took us through the Rules of Composition. They were the same as they were when I took a Beginner’s Digital Photography course with the same council department a few years ago. It’s nice to know some things remain the same in this ever-changing world, don’t you think?

Then it was a quick romp through colour and tone before Tim set us our first exercise; a ten-minute sketch from a landscape photograph.

Here is my effort. I think we can all agree that Things Can Only Get Better (“Don’t be so sure” said TCMrsF. Encouragingly.)


I’m looking forward to next week’s class. Meanwhile, Arthur The Handy Gardener has started calling me Rembrandt. I suspect he’s not being entirely serious.


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