A bitter with a light touch

Fancy A Pint? The retirement project to sample a beer or cider brewed or fermented in each county in the United Kingdom.

DSC00079County: Cambridgeshire.

What is it called? JHB (Jeffrey Hudson Bitter)

Who made it? Oakham Ales, Peterborough.

What is it? A light bitter. It is named after an adventurer, courtier and duellist in the service of King Charles I.

Alc Vol: 4.2%

What it says on the label: “Light and refreshing with a blatant citrus fruitiness and a smooth dry bitter finish”.

Food combination: Nothing on the bottle. I drank it, sat in front of the television watching the football,  with a beef sandwich and a pork sausage roll. It washed down both very nicely.

Retired Bloke Verdict: This beer is filed under Cambridgeshire, but Oakham Ales actually originated in the historic and tiny county of Rutland before moving to its present home. Just to complicate matters further, Peterborough used to be part of neighbouring Northamptonshire. As for the beer; this was much lighter in colour and taste than I associate with a bitter. It delivered the fruitiness and dryness that the label promised.

Fancy another? I will, but I think it would be especially nice when the weather (hopefully) warms up in the Spring.

It’s not about the beer: The Peterborough Chronicle, written by monks of the abbey church in the 12th Century, contains unique information about the history of England after the Norman Conquest.


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