Creed doesn’t quite deliver a k.o.

AFTERNOON cinema for The Current Mrs Feeney and I today. We went to see Creed, the sixth sequel in the Rocky film franchise.

It is 40 years since Sylvester Stallone wrote and directed the first Rocky film, creating the iconic character of Rocky Balboa and projecting Stallone into the Hollywood A-list.

Creed has been credited with reviving the franchise by returning to the roots of the original (in much the same way as the latest Star Wars film which we saw earlier this month.)

It is certainly true that it shamelessly (or, perhaps more accurately, lovingly) recreates many of the elements of the first Rocky script. The lost and troubled young man who, with the help of a grizzled and ailing trainer and the love of a strong woman, finds his true identity and personal redemption in the ring.

This time around, it is Balboa/Stallone who fits the role of old trainer, to Michael B. Jordan’s brooding, angry and tormented Adonis Creed, the illegitimate son of Rocky’s old opponent Apollo Creed.

Also like the original (and subsequent) films in this franchise, the ‘boxers’ are able to absorb levels of physical punishment that would kill a Marvel superhero!

What this film doesn’t have in common with Rocky I, however, is theme music to lift the spirits and pump the blood. While the old Rocky theme weaves through this movie’s soundtrack, there is nothing that packs quite the same punch.

Creed reminds us what a very good actor Stallone can be. He deserves his Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination – but why isn’t Jordan nominated for Best Actor?

Overall, an entertaining way to spend an afternoon, even if at the end familiarity (and the lack of that thumping theme) meant it fell short of the emotional impact of the very first Rocky film.

Retired Bloke Rating GOOD ***


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