Where have all the men gone?

I HAD my second Drawing and Painting class this morning. The young couple from last week did not return, which means I am now the Token Male in the class.

I am getting used to this not entirely welcome phenomenon. The University of the Third Age groups that I have joined (Film Studies and Social History) are also overwhelmingly peopled by ladies. It seems that retired men are less inclined to join things.

This may prove something of a problem for a blogger who wants to create an online community of retired blokes who think there is more to retired life than gardening and golf.

Back to the class. Tim The Tutor had assembled a large collection of various items on the desks grouped in the middle of the annexe room where we meet. “Stiff life,” Tim said, by way of introducing a discussion about line and balance. All very straightforward until you have to actually apply it and draw something.

My efforts weren’t very good, though one of the ladies was kind enough to say she liked my vase, which wasn’t a compliment a retired bloke expects to receive.

For what it’s worth, here’s the vase, etc.

DSC00081Next week, Tim wants us to bring chalk. I told The Current Mrs Feeney. I know what she’s thinking: “second childhood.”

3 thoughts on “Where have all the men gone?

  1. I disagree – I think you’re quite good. Get a couple of books on drawing, and try practicing at home. I didn’t produce anything decent for 3 months. Then the progression was rapid thereafter. Stick with it. Have fun with the pastels. If you feel relaxed drawing, just smile at the doubters, and keep playing. You deserve to have fun.


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