Room really is as good as they said

THE Current Mrs Feeney and I have just come in from watching Room. It really is as good as the film critics said.

Ever since Home Alone, I have been naturally disposed to having my teeth set on edge by the mere sight of that dreaded thing, the child actor. But I am forced to admit that Jacob Tremblay is extraordinarily good as Jack, the child born and raised inside the room where his abducted mother has been imprisoned for seven years.

Brie Larson is utterly believable as Jack’s ‘Ma’. In fact, the whole cast give performances of great intelligence and restraint. Hats off to the director, Lenny Abrahamson, and to writer Emma Donoghue for turning her best-selling 2010 novel into a spare script that pulls your emotions in all directions.

Before we got to see the film, we had to endure the survival course that is the front counter at the cinema. No, it really is not a great idea to have one woman on duty, selling film tickets, drinks, and food.

And if she has to do it all, can she please give the couple in front of me everything they need for their coffees at the same time. Much quicker for us all than serving them their coffees, then walking all the way to the other end of the front desk to get the lids for their cups, and then walking all the way back there AGAIN to get their spoons and sugars! At which point TCMrsF said something unladylike under her breath and left me to it.

You want to know how good Room is? Within minutes we’d forgotten about the front counter and the ordeal by coffee. That’s how good this film is.

Retired Bloke Rating: OUTSTANDING *****


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