Plenty of shade, light not so much

WEEK three of our Drawing and Painting class, and it’s on to charcoal and chalk. I’d never tried drawing with either of these before; messy, aren’t they?

Tim The Tutor explained the mysteries of “ground” – the laying down of a background colour or shade, as opposed to where you throw your drawing in disgust.

After a couple of attempts, I could have dispensed with the charcoal stick and prepared all the ground I needed off my fingers.

It was back to the same still-life arrangement as last week for a subject. For what it’s worth, here’s my effort. I know what you’re thinking: “what is it?” It’s a study in shade and tone, allegedly. And in my defence, I don’t recall Picasso being such a dab hand at drawing bottles either.

DSC00084Next week we are moving on to acrylic paint and the use of colour. Aren’t we getting on with things!


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