HOW many shades of grey?

MY introduction to acrylic paints at today’s Drawing & Painting class was as messy as I had anticipated. But also strangely satisfying.

Tim The Tutor took us through the colour wheel, and explained how to mix colours to create colours. He revealed the surprising fact that black is not actually black (which must have come as a nasty jolt to Spanish rock band Los Bravos with their memorable 1966 hit Black Is Black) but is instead infinitely various hues of all the other available colours.

We spent an enjoyable hour or so mixing yellow, red, blue and white to create the twelve primary, secondary and tertiary colours that make up the wheel. Then we mixed the three primaries (yellow, red and blue) to create a black, and mixed that with white to produce as many shades of grey as we could manage (I didn’t manage 50, but then again I didn’t manage to read the book either).

After that, there was just enough time to attempt to put what we had learned into practice. For what it’s worth, here’s my effort.

DSC00086Next week we are going to attempt to reproduce a painting. Something simple, says Tim. Probably a Turner. Yes, right, that’ll be fine then.


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