One Day In Krakow

THE Current Mrs Feeney, The Daughter Who Left (but returned) and your Retired Bloke made the most of their 24 hours in Krakow.

We spent the morning visiting Wawel Royal Castle and Cathedral, followed by a walk around the old Jewish quarter of Kazimierz – with frequent stops to enter some of the small clothes and craft shops that are opening in this until recently neglected part of town.

TCMrsF was tempted by a fox stole with head and feet in one “classic” (i.e. used) clothes shop.  The Daughter gave her a look. The stole went back in the bargain box.

The afternoon was spent souvenir shopping in the magnificent Stare Miasto (market square). The Daughter couldn’t decide which she liked more; the horse-drawn carriages or the tatanka (vodka and apple juice) served in the bars around the square.

Dinner in a typical Polish restaurant (lots of meat, potatoes and stewed vegetables on the menu) was followed by a final bout of shopping in the market square’s arcade.

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