Fancy a Pint? #27: a beer fit for a Pope

The retirement project to try beers and ciders from every county in the United Kingdom.

IMGP5945County: Oxfordshire.

What’s it called? Oxford Gold

Who made it? The Brakspear Brewing Company. Originally brewed at the Brakspear Brewery in Henley; when this closed in 2002, production moved to the redeveloped Wychwood Brewery, Eagle Maltings, The Crofts, Witney. Website:

What is it? A golden ale, made with Pale and Crystal malts infused with Golding, Styrian Golding, Fugle and Admiral hops.

Alc Vol: 4.6%

What it says on the label: “Craft brewed with a zesty aroma and a fruity flavour.”

Food combination: None suggested on the bottle. I drank it with the leftovers of The Current Mrs Feeney’s excellent shepherd’s pie (which itself was made from the leftovers of TCMrsF’s excellent roast lamb dinner.)

Fancy another? Yes, definitely. The pint had a wonderful colour and a foamy head. There were loads of citrussy aromas, and the beer was fruity but with a dry finish.

It’s not about the beer: The brewery founder was related to Adrian IV, Britain’s first (and so far only) Pope. Nicholas Breakspear was Pope from 1154-59. Robert Brakspear founded W.H.Brakspear and Sons in Henley in 1779.


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