Light Show


Artist: Tony Douglas-Jones

Medium: Watercolour.

PORT Talbot steelworks sprawl along the shore on the east side of Swansea Bay, and are as iconic to city residents as is the Mumbles lighthouse, which stands on the opposite side of the bay.

I like this night-time scene very much. Many a Swansea resident has driven at night past the works, which runs alongside the M4 motorway in this part of Wales, and thought: “Almost home now.”

Sadly, the works has recently announced large scale redundancies because the British steel industry is struggling to compete with the import of cheap Chinese steel in an over-supplied market.

So more than just the shades of evening are falling on this historic and still hugely important symbol of Welsh industry now.

Born in Scotland and raised in Wales, Tony lists John Singer Sargent, Edward Seago and John Yardley as his main influences, and draws his inspiration from the Gower peninsula, where he has been a part-time resident for the last 15 years.  Find out more about Tony on his website

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