Show some flesh!

WE added skin tones to our monochrome portraits in this week’s drawing and painting class. Who would have thought that, to create realistic flesh colours, you start by mixing a black and finish by adding blue? Well, not me.

Here’s my effort. Hopefully the fisherman doesn’t look too much like one of his salmon.


I’ll miss next week’s class because we are away to see the Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of Faustus. Tim The Tutor says the following week we shall start analysing and deconstructing classic paintings, and then will attempt to reproduce them.

Ambition, as we say in Swansea, is critical.


2 thoughts on “Show some flesh!

  1. Hi Colleen. I’m afraid it’s all come to a halt at the moment. My father’s death and funeral meant I missed the last couple of classes, which have now ended. I need to get back into it now. Hopefully your kind comment will serve as the needed kick up the proverbial.


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