Fancy A Pint? #29: an IPA with a dry edge to it

IMGP6063County: Derbyshire

What is it called? Axe Edge.

Who made it? Buxton Brewery Co Ltd: @BuxtonBrewery

What is it? India Pale Ale

Alc Vol: 6.8%

What it says on the label: “This award-winning (Retired Bloke question: Is there a beer in existence that hasn’t won an award? They all seem to claim that distinction) strong IPA is full flavoured and has a beautiful hoppy aroma. Hopped with a stunning blend of European, North American and New Zealand varieties.”  The website talks about “complex flavours” including mandarin orange, schnapps, pineapple and juicy tropical fruits; that is a lot of flavours for one beer, and certainly more than my unsophisticated palate could detect.

Food combination: None suggested.

Fancy Another? Not really. The incredibly dry finish was overwhelming. One is as many as I could manage.

It’s not about the beer: Buxton has the highest elevation of any market town in England, at 1,000 feet (300 m). In June 1975 it was hit by a freak snowstorm that stopped play during a cricket match.

Fancy A Pint? The retirement project to sample beers and ciders from every county in the United Kingdom.


2 thoughts on “Fancy A Pint? #29: an IPA with a dry edge to it

  1. Thanks, Martin. I started the blog hoping to build an online community of retired blokes trying new things and embarking on retirement projects (aka “harebrained schemes” according to my wife).


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