Fancy A Pint? #30 Welcome return of a well-travelled ale

IMGP6133County: Bedfordshire (but see * note below)

What is it called? Courage Directors’ Superior Ale

Who made it? Wells and Young’s Brewing Company, Bedford.

What is it? An amber ale.

Alc Vol: 4.8%

The label says: “Full of character with a distinctive spicy hop aroma, the perfect balance of Crystal malt with crisp, fruity, nutty hops and a lasting finish.”

With food? No recommendations on the bottle. I drank it with that reliable old staple, a bowl of roasted peanuts.

Retired Bloke Verdict: It has been several years since I last had a pint of this. It was a welcome reminder of how lovely it is. Rich and smooth.

Fancy another? Yes please.

*It’s more complicated than that. The beer was originally brewed exclusively for the directors of the Alton Brewery in Hampshire, in 1903. Since then, it has at different times been made in breweries in Reading, Bermondsey, Bristol, and Tadcaster. So its current geographical connection with Bedfordshire is just the latest stage in its story.

It’s not about the beer: The world’s first tractor was invented in Bedfordshire by a racing cyclist called Daniel Albone. The Ivel Agricultural Motor was patented by Albone in February 1902.

Fancy A Pint? is my retirement project to sample beer and cider from every county in the United Kingdom.


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