The Wine List #22: an intriguing mix of dry and fruity

IMGP6134The grape: Gewurztraminer.

The wine: Cave De Turckheim 2014, Alsace, France.

Alc Vol: 13%

HJ says: “One of the most pungent grapes, spicy with aromas of rose petals, face-cream, lychees, grapefruit. Wines are often rich and soft, even when fully dry. Best in Alsace.” I’m not sure if I’ve ever eaten rose petals; I’m certain I’ve never eaten face-cream.

The label says: Very little, actually; “dry – round – aromatic” covers it.

With food? The label was more forthcoming,; “excellent aperitif; entrees; fish with sauce; poultry, exotic meals; blue cheese.” Something for everyone. We drank ours with a fairly ordinary Chinese takeaway.

Did we like it? It was a resounding No from The Current Mrs Feeney. She dismissed it as “sweet” – which it wasn’t, but the mix of dryness and aromatic fruitiness is odd on the tongue. I thought it was intriguing, and the sort of thing this project is all about.

One for the wine rack? I’d prefer a Riesling, but will happily keep a couple of bottles of this for Asian takeaway nights; but the look on TCMrsF’s face suggests I’ll be drinking alone.

It’s not about the wine: The Schlumpf museum of automobiles, in the Alsatian town of Mulhouse, is home to more than 450 cars.

The Wine List is my retirement project to sample wine made from each of the main grape varieties listed in Hugh Johnson’s pocket wine book.


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