The Wine List #23 Light, fashionable, unexceptional

DSC00139Grape: Pinot Grigio

Wine: Dino Edizione No7, Veneto, Italy.

Alc Vol: 12%

Hugh Johnson says: “Light and fashionable in northern Italy but top,characterful versions can be excellent. Cheap versions are just that.”

The label says: “Characteristically crisp and fruity, this wine is created from vineyards in northern Italy. This provenance gives the wine freshness, flavour and more juicy red apple and berry character.”

Food recommendations: “Serve chilled as an aperitif or with lightly spiced food.”

Retired Blokes says: We were given this wine as a gift. We didn’t have great expectations of it, and we weren’t surprised by tasting it. The Dino label has become a common sight on our supermarket shelves; the wines seem to be on perpetual “special offer”. I couldn’t discover much about the winery, but the number and variety of wines produced under the label makes me suspect it is one of those European wine-lake producers; and this would be one of those “cheap versions” dismissed by HJ. We left it in the fridge until it was well chilled (probably too chilled; it did improve as it warmed up). We drank it with chicken and chorizo pasta. It wasn’t awful, it just wasn’t anything exceptional – but at the price it is sold, it isn’t going to be.

One for the wine rack? No, but we’d like to discover and taste one of the more characterful versions praised by HJ.

It’s not about the wine: The Palladian Villas of Veneto are World Heritage Sites. The villas, country houses for rich families who also owned palazzos (town houses), were designed by Andrea Palladio (1508-1580), perhaps Italy’s most influential architect.

The Wine List: retirement project to taste wines made from all of the main grape varieties listed in Hugh Johnson’s pocket wine book.

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