The Wine List #24 A favourite easy-drinking summer red


Grape: Gamay

Wine: Les Pivoines Beaujolais Villages 2013 (produced by Boutinot, France). Bought from N D John Wine Merchants (website: )

Hugh Johnson says: “The Beaujolais light grape, very fragrant wines, at their best young, except in Beaujolais crus where quality can be superb.”

The label says: “Fruity flavours imbued with the scent and colour of peonies.” We’ll have to take their word on the second bit of that, not being especially familiar with that flower. Still, the “fruit flavours” bit was bang on.

Food combination? Nothing on the bottle, beyond a request that we “just open, pour and enjoy.” Which is exactly what we did, initially. Then we finished off the bottle the next day with some of The Current Mrs Feeney’s home-made chicken soup.

Did we like it? We are very fond of Beaujolais wines, especially in the summer (NB: we are not talking about Beaujolais Nouveau, which we definitely do NOT like). Beaujolais Villages is the middle category between straight Beaujolais and the ten named crus, and this was a very pleasant example. It had a lovely colour in the glass, and very light fruitiness on the tongue.

One for the wine rack? Yes, Beaujolais Villages is one of our favourite easy-drinking summer reds. We have been known to splash out on a top-end cru Beaujolais (usually Fleurie) for special summer occasions.

The Wine List is my retirement project to sample all of the main grape varieties featured in Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book. 


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