Tale of a whale

THIS morning, I went to the cinema alone. The Current Mrs Feeney was shopping with her sister.

I went for an 11am showing of In The Heart Of The Sea, Ron Howard’s film about the wrecking of a 19th Century Nantucket whaler, The Essex, by a giant white whale.

The fate of The Essex was the inspiration for Herman Melville’s novel Moby Dick, and the film starts with Melville (Ben Whishaw) visiting the last living survivor of the disaster to discover if the rumours of the whale are true.

As he reluctantly tells his tale, the film opens out and follows The Essex into the south Atlantic, around the Cape, into the Pacific and its fatal encounter with the whale.

The film is part adventure story, part survival tale, with a large portion of Hollywood morality message. It was a pleasant enough way to spend a morning.

The screening was one of those “silver screen” events for retired people. The ticket cost £3, and I could have had a cup of tea or coffee for the price. I declined the offer. As far as I could tell, the rest of the audience (about ten of us) took advantage of the opportunity.

The scenes when the whale attacks the whaler were effectively done, but overall film was ok, but no more than that. I didn’t think it was worth more than two stars out of five.


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