Do you fire that missile?

YOU have the opportunity to eliminate some nasty terrorists who are planning to kill dozens of people. All you have to do is pull the trigger and launch the air-to-ground missile that will blow the terrorists and their house to smithereens.

However; it’s pretty certain that some innocent passers-by will also be killed in the blast, including a young girl selling loaves of bread outside the walls of the terror house.

What to do? That’s the dilemma at the heart of Eye In The Sky, the film that The Current Mrs Feeney and I went to see this week.

I thought the film made a good job of balancing the demands of an action thriller and a more thoughtful examination of the moral compromises required to wage war – especially drone warfare conducted by politicians and soldiers sitting in rooms thousands of miles away from the explosions and the blood.

The film targets a single US-British operation. The plan is to capture a group of Islamist terrorists in the Kenyan city of Nairobi. The rules of engagement, however, change from capture to kill when it emerges that the terrorists are about to send two suicide bombers out into the city.

It sets up and explores a dichotomy at the heart of the plot; the British politicians are racked by moral uncertainty about the kill, while the British Army officers have no doubts about the justification of the proposed action. Meanwhile, the US politicians are absolutely certain that firing is the right thing to do, while the US pilot in charge of the drone’s payload of Hellfire missiles is almost paralysed by guilt.

So, what would you do? Decide, than go and see the film and find out what happens.

RB Rating: Good ***/5. 


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