Carry on blogging?

I AM thinking about abandoning my blog.

It was started with the single purpose of building an online community of retired men. That has not happened. Perhaps there is no such online community to build; perhaps there is, but this blog isn’t the way to do it.

Perhaps it is time to accept that the blog is not going to achieve its objective, and shut it down.

I intend to continue some of my retirement schemes, however; in particular, sampling wines (The Wine List) and reading global crime fiction (World Crime Atlas). I’ll want to continue recording my thoughts; so I’ve decided to carry on blogging about these topics, for the time being.

I think I’m beginning to get back into the frame of mind I enjoyed when first retired; the sudden removal of pressure and (work-related) obligations. I suppose this means my parents’ decline over the past two years (and their deaths, eventually) might have had more effect on me than I had thought.

But perhaps this blog – with the accompanying and underlying requirement to post something regularly – was also beginning to irk me; as if I was again under an obligation, if only to myself.

Anyway, I’ll carry on and see how things pan out.


4 thoughts on “Carry on blogging?

  1. Hi Spencer – If you’re open to other opinions on this – I definitely hope that you continue blogging (on a full range of topics). For the past year, I have been surveying and reading as many retirement blogs that I could find. I have now been narrowing down the ones that I read regularly and I definitely include yours in that smaller group. I love your writing style and your perspective. That’s my vote (if votes are being accepted).


  2. Hi Spencer, I think you are right about the blog becoming a voracious monster: it is incredibly ambitious. I set myself the target of producing one article a month last year but can’t keep up that pace this year. I like your scheme though – just the sorts of challenge that makes retirement a pleasure. Why not keep the scheme but only blog when the urge takes you on any of the topics? Readership may be hit and miss but it might give you more free time to indulge the projects you have set yourself and keep your writing skills ticking over.


  3. Hi Martin, and thank you for the helpful comment. I’m going to do as you suggest – and perhaps try to curb my enthusiasm for new projects, or “hare-brained schemes” as The Current Mrs Feeney would have it.


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