The Wine List: grape #28 – Colombard

THE Wine List project to sample wine made from each of the main grape varieties in Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book heads into the Robertson Valley, South Africa’s ‘land of wine and roses’.

DSC00308The Wine: Bon Courage 2015, Robertson, South Africa (Laithwaites)

Alc Vol: 12%

HJ says: “Slightly fruity, nicely sharp grape, makes everyday wine in South Africa, California and south west France. Often blended.” I’d say that fits into the category of ‘faint praise.’

The label says: “a fresh, lively wine with expressive notes of guava and pineapple. The palate is round and full with a long, lively finish.”

Food combination: “enjoy chilled as an aperitif and as a partner for seafood and lightly spiced meats.” We drank it with ‘tapas’ style dishes in our first al fresco lunch of the year on the deck (a Retired Bloke’s reward for three days of brushing, scrubbing and application of wood protector on aforementioned deck, to repair the ravages of a wet Welsh winter’s weather).

Did we like it? As with the Muscadet we tried last week, The Current Mrs Feeney was more of a fan than me (though I thought it deserved better than to be dismissed as an ‘everyday’ wine). We agreed that it was fresh and lively, with pleasant acidity, and quite fruity.

One for the wine rack? Again like the Muscadet, we’d happily have a couple of bottles to hand in the hope (living in Wales you learn to place hope above expectation in matters meteorological) of more outdoor meals under the summer sun.

It’s not about the wine: South Africa’s oldest skydiving club is based in the town of Robertson.


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