The Wine List #30: a fruity Sicilian

My retirement project to sample wine made from all of the main grape varieties mentioned in Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book.

IMGP6512 Grape: Nero d’Avola.

Wine: Corte Ibla Terre Siciliane Single Estate 2013 (Marks and Spencer).

Hugh Johnson says: “Dark-red grape of Sicily, quality levels from sublime to industrial.”

The label says: “A ripe and concentrated full-bodied red with deep blackberry and spiced plum aromas over peppery cherry and berry flavours.”

Food: Recommended on its own, or with charred meats, peppery steaks or roast pork. We drank it with lamb chops and roast potatoes.

Verdict: Neither sublime nor industrial. As usual, I couldn’t pick out the specific fruit flavours mentioned on the bottle, but I thought it was a very pleasant wine that (as is often the case) tasted fruitier and fuller when we finished the bottle the next day.


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