The Wine List #31

IMGP6553My retirement project, to sample wine made from each of the main grape varieties listed in Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book, samples an underrated Italian white.

Grape: Garganega

Wine: Soave Denomizione di Origine Controllata Classico 2015. Italy. From Sainsbury’s ‘Taste The Difference’ range.

Alc Vol: 12%

HJ says: “The famous, still underrated Veronese white. Wine from the volcanic soils  of the Classico zone can be intense, mineral, v fine and quite long-lived.”

The label says: “Zesty with lemon and lime flavours. Crisp with a mineral freshness.”

Food: recommended with cured meats and pesto pasta. The Current Mrs Feeney and I drank it with antipasti, black olives and chargrilled artichokes, followed by a chorizo and butter-basted chicken pizza.

The verdict: This wine was indeed from the Classico zone of hillside vineyards around the walled town of Soave in the north-east of Italy; but we would not describe it as intense. It delivered on the zesty and mineral promises on the label. It was fresh and light, making easy summer drinking for an alfresco meal when the sun shines (and that is, sadly, all too rare around these parts in these climate-changed Welsh summers.) Mrs F, who isn’t a wine lover and is therefore a reluctant partner in this project, gave it her “I can drink this” seal of approval.


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