The Wine List #32

IMGP6557MY retirement project, to sample wine made from all of the main grape varieties listed in Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book, goes West.

Grape: Zinfandel.

Wine: Winemakers’ Selection White Zinfandel California 2014. (Sainsbury’s)

Alc Vol: 11%

HJ says: “Fruity, adaptable grape of California with blackberry-like and sometimes metallic flavour. Can be structured and gloriously lush, ageing for decades, but also makes’ blush’ pink, usually sweet, jammy.”

The label says: “Crushed strawberry and juicy watermelon flavours.”

Food: recommended with berry desserts. We shared a bottle with friends at the end of a supper party, over a home-made fruit salad.

Verdict: The pink version, but not too sweet and definitely not jammy. The fruitiness worked well with the dessert. Did the job.


2 thoughts on “The Wine List #32

  1. Having lived in the part of California where the Zinfandel grape is grown and harvested, I highly recommend you look for any that says “Central Coast” and/or “Paso Robles.” Great with something fatty off the grill like ribs or lamb!


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