The Wine List #33: Godello

IMGP6575My retirement project to sample wine made from all of the main grape varieties in Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book.

The wine: Sendero das Meigas Monterrei 2009. Spain. Ordered from Laithwaite’s mail order/online wine merchants.

Alc Vol: 13.5%

HJ says: “Top quality (intense, mineral) in nw Spain. Called Verdelho in Dao, Portugal.”

The label says: “Godello is one of the great white grape varieties grown in the high, cool vineyards of Galicia. Sendero das Meigas has a pale, yellow hue, a seductive aroma of white peaches and a rich long palate with honeyed notes on the finish.”

Food combination: “Partner with your best fish dishes.” We drank it with a creamy salmon linguini that The Current Mrs Feeney produced, with her usual flair, from a recipe she found in a newspaper weekend supplement.

The verdict: Intense, tick; mineral, tick; white peaches? These greengrocer moments tend to elude me. Still, we both liked the wine, actually a lot more than the food, which we found too creamy for our taste. Definitely one to add to the wine rack in the dining room.

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