Trallong Common No.2

imgp6928Artist: Michael Howard

Medium: Oil, graphite, oil pastel.

I FIRST came across Michael Howard’s work when I wandered into a gallery in Crickhowell to pass the time while The Current Mrs Feeney and her sister were busy in a trinket shop downstairs.

There was an exhibition of his landscapes, and I was immediately struck by the strong use of colour and shape. I regretted not buying something, so I was pleased when a gallery in Swansea started to show some of his work recently. I bought this painting at the gallery’s winter show this week.

Trallong Common is in the Usk valley; it is a bit of a stretch to call that part of Swansea’s regional hinterland, but I liked the painting, so it is going into my collection anyway.

Michael is a graduate of Chelsea School of Art. He spent 20 years teaching. He left his last post as Head of Art at Rugby School in order to paint full time.

He describes his paintings as “an emotional response to what I experience and observe when walking in the hills around Brecon.”


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