The Wine List #37: Grechetto

imgp6932The Wine List is my retirement project to sample wine made from all of the main grape varieties in Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book.

The wine: Tesco Finest Grechetto 2016, Umbria, Italy.

Alc Vol: 12.5%

HJ says: “Ancient grape of central and s Italy, noted for the vitality and stylishness of its wine.”

Label says: “A crisp, refreshing wine with lovely ripe lemons and hints of stone fruit flavours. . .Serve as an aperitif or match with grilled chicken or seafood.”

We drank it with: 1) Brittany scallops in a Muscadet sauce. 2) roast chicken with roasted vegetables.

Verdict: Like many Italian whites I’ve tried, this would be better suited to a pleasant summer afternoon than a cold Welsh winter’s day. It was pleasant enough in an inoffensive way, but didn’t make any particular impression on the nose or tongue. Crisp and refreshing maybe, but we found the fruit flavours pretty muted. However; The Current Mrs Feeney didn’t like her scallops, so substituted a plate of smoked ham and tomatoes; she discovered that Grechetto + smoked ham = petrol flavours like an expensive Riesling. Who knew?


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