Anything they can do, she can do tougher

Atomic Blonde

GINGER Rogers said that anything Fred Astaire could dance, she could dance backwards – and in high heels. Charlize Theron will know how she felt.

Theron plays an MI6 agent who is more than a match for macho action-men like Jason Bourne or latter-day James Bond. She shoots, punches, scissor-kicks and car-chases her way through a Berlin at the end of the Cold War. And does so in stiletto-heeled boots, and a series of figure-hugging outfits that take the “undercover” out of “agent.”

This is not so much ‘Lights, Camera. Action’ as ‘Neon, Soundtrack, ACTION!!!!’ The film is washed in glowing neon right from the opening credits. The story rips along to a background of 1980s tracks from George Michael, Nena, and New Order. And as for the action…

Director  David Leitch is also a stuntman (he’s been a regular stunt double for Brad Pitt), and boy does it show. Really, this is a stuntman’s film. The action shots come thick and fast, with a whack that makes you wince. It all culminates in a bone-snapping, face-smashing, body-wrecking long shot, where Theron fights her way down a staircase, through an apartment and into a car chase.

The plot – British, Russian, French and East German spooks in an increasingly violent search for a missing list of British agents operating undercover behind the Iron Curtain – is just the vehicle for the action.

Director: David Leitch

Cast: Charlize Theron, James McAvoy, John Goodman, Sofia Boutella, Toby Jones, Eddie Marsan.

Verdict: Stylish, brutal, and very, very enjoyable. ****






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